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stampet lerjord
house on a hill
Location: Hamar, Norway
Year: 2021
annex / tool shed
Renovation and addition to a summerhouse
Location: Dronningmølle
For: Private client
Year: Ongoing
earth build
Research on rammed earth
Location: Denmark
For: Statens Kunstfond, Boligfonden Kuben
Year: 2021
IMG_6402_SH_forside crop større.jpg
2021_01_28. IMG_7315_v3_cropped_wix_FORS
2021_03_18. rendering til hjemmeside_v4_
Restaurant, wine bar, coffee roastery
Location: Nørrebro
For: Private client
Year: Ongoing
force of moving water
Museum and competence center
Location: Norway
Year: 2020
training pavilion
Pavilion and training facilities
Location: Østerbro
For: Danske Studenters Roklub
Year: 2021
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centrum brandstation
wood library architecture building medborgerhus bibliotek
erindringernes hus
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central firestation
Location: Oslo, Norway
Awarded proposal, purchased
Year: 2020
community house
Community-supported agriculture
Location: Søllested, Lolland
Diploma project
Year: 2017
house of memory
Library, museum and archive
Location: Svullrya, Norway
Year: 2017
vestjyske registreringer
hiking cabin
2021_01_29 køkken rendering lige på_ins
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vestjyske registreringer
Art project
Location: Vestjylland
For: ET4U
Year: 2019
hiking cabins
Series of cabins
Location: Italy 
Year: 2018
the grid cabinet
Handcrafted kitchen
Location: nørrebro
For: Private client
Year: 2018
natursten bad
architecture wrought iron interior design
vandvejen waterways research urban climate adaption
stone bath
Interior design
Location: Berlin
For: Private client
Year: Ongoing
Research on urban climate adaptation
Location: Frederiksberg
Collaboration: Schulze + Grassov
Year: 2017
hot forged metalwork
Research project
Collaboration: Artist blacksmith
Jokum Lind Jensen
Year: 2018
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atelier in industrial building for artists
artist residence by lake architecture thi dencker arkitekter
staircase renovtion architect copenhagen classic
studio collective
peter fabers gade 
Staircase renovation 
Location: Nørrebro
For: Private client
Year: 2019 
artist residence
Atelier and temporary residency
Location: Amager
For: Study project
Year: 2013
Transformation of warehouse
Location: Fengersfors, Sweden
For: Private client
Year: Ongoing
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interior design copenhagen architecture thi og dencker
culture house in industrial area architecture thi & denker arkitekter
tilbygning murermestervilla architecture thi og dencker brick house addition
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culture center
Exhibition and concert hall
Location: Prags Boulevard, Amager
For: Study project
Year: 2014
apartment F
Renovation and interior design
Location: Copenhagen
For: Private client
Year: 2017
poppel allé
Brick house addition 
Location: Roskilde​
For: Private client
Year: 2019
søllested analyse
forest village architecture urben plan sustainability thi og dencker arkitekter
Økosamfundet Dyssekilde forslag til ny økologisk bebyggelse
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rural potentials
Urban analysis of rural village
Location: Lolland
Diploma project
Year: 2017
the forest village 
Urban development
Location: Bjärred, Lomma, Sweden
Year: 2018
the straw bale houses 
Proposal for co-living community 
Location: Torup
For: Private client
Year: 2016
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